Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do you guys like the new Background on my blog!

I did a few tweaks on the blog such as changing
-the font
-the background
-the colors

Im still messing around with it
I hope this makes it easier to look at and nicer on the eyes.

ALSO i made it easier for everyone to chip in and comment, no account or code needed! This way everyone can have their voice heard

Go ahead try it below!


  1. It's a lot more user friendly.

    But why did you enable the option where it takes you to another page to write a comment? It's lame and a lot of people aren't gonna bother to comment your blogs. Just sayin.

  2. Kinda feels like I'm on an airplane.

  3. Oops didnt realise what that was, Thanks i fixed that

  4. Nice simple sleek...good change brah

  5. Liking the change, keep the updates coming!

  6. good job on getting rid of the comment captcha. that sh1t is incredibly annoying. i hate how they set that thing to automatic.